Bosch Thermotechnology Showcases Its Comprehensively Upgraded Solutions for A Comfortable Home at the CIIE Again

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  • Bosch Thermotechnology shines at the CIIE again with its entire lineup of indoor HVAC, comfortable hot water and energy management solutions, to drive the upgrading of China’s consumer market
  • Multiple high-end imported products make their debut in China, to provide a new boost to Chinese families in their effort to live a smart and comfortable life at home

Shanghai, November 5——Bosch Thermotechnology came to the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) today with multiple very important new products. As a leading global supplier of room climate systems, Bosch Thermotechnology will exhibit 28 products at this year’s event, including the entire lineup of energy-efficient indoor HVAC, hot water and energy management solutions. Among them, multiple high-end imported products will make their debut in China or be exhibited in China for the first time. They will provide a high-quality and comfortable home experience for Chinese consumers, will be able to better meet their need for personalized and high-end products, and will help to drive the upgrading of China’s consumer market.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of China and also the 41st anniversary of China’s reform & opening up. For years, the Chinese government has been unwaveringly supporting free trade and economic globalization, and proactively opening up the China market to the world. They have not only achieved remarkable results, but also dramatically promoted the development of global trade and economy. China has become the world’s second-largest trader and importer, and the market is extremely attractive. The CIIE is designed to further promote global trade and the growth of the global economy. It’s no doubt a new platform for companies from various countries to share the opportunities in China.

At the first CIIE last year, Bosch as one of the first exhibitors showcased its innovative products and solutions in three categories: intelligent transportation, smart appliances, and connected industry. Among the exhibitors, Bosch Thermotechnology was the only German company providing HVAC and hot water solutions qualified for exhibition. During the event, Bosch Thermotechnology held talks with multiple buyers and partners, and entered into multiple cooperation agreements, which played a positive role in promoting the company’s overall business development.

Bosch exhibits at the CIIE again to demonstrate its strength

Meet the upgrading needs of Chinese consumers with multiple high-end products

At this year’s CIIE, Bosch Thermotechnology will showcase multiple energy-efficient indoor HVAC and hot water products that are comfortable, high-end, and technologically advanced, to demonstrate its strength, and to provide an advanced HVAC experience for Chinese consumers simultaneously with their European counterparts. One of them that is worth mentioning is the residential electric storage water heater Tronic 6800 T, which will be launched online on during this year’s CIIE. This is a high-end electric water heater with an exceptional hot water performance and intelligent functions. The aesthetic hyperboloid design and the unique ultra-thin design consistent with the minimalist style deviate from the long-standing stereotyped appearance of electric water heaters, providing a better fit for different modern home styles. Its exclusive dual-tank + dual-engine fast heating technology can heat water to the desired temperature in just 2 minutes. Its unique feature of increasing capacity by 6 times enables multiple people in a home to take a hot water shower continuously. The product provides a comprehensively upgraded shower experience for customers, and also sets a new shower standard for the next-generation young consumers.

Bosch’s residential electric storage water heater Tronic 6800 T is showcased at the CIIE

In addition, Bosch Floorstanding Greenstar Highflow CDi boiler as well as Bosch’s integrated “ventilation + purification” system Vent 2000 D and integrated “ventilation + purification” system Vent 4000 CC are leading products exhibited at this year’s CIIE, their first exhibition in China. Bosch Floorstanding Greenstar Highflow CDi boiler is an under-sink boiler loved by British customers. Its unique hidden installation style can save indoor space for customers. The main heat exchanger made of cast aluminium-silicon alloy and the EMS bus ensure that the product can efficiently produce hot water. It’s one of a small number of condensing boilers that can meet Europe’s “Three-Star” rating.

Bosch Floorstanding Greenstar Highflow CDi boiler is exhibited at the CIIE for the first time

Bosch’s integrated “ventilation + purification” system Vent 2000 D looks simple, neat and beautiful. Its requirement for installation space is extremely low, and the product can meet almost all the indoor installation conditions. The efficient fan and the inlet cover with an ultra-low noise ensure that it can work within a temperature range from -20°C to 60°C and achieve a high heat recovery rate of 83% certified by DIBt. Bosch’s integrated “ventilation + purification” system Vent 4000 CC comes with an efficient fan as well as the M5 and F7 filters. Its sensible heat exchange efficiency can be up to 93%. The entire system adopts the lightweight material EPP, so it can be installed by just a single person. Customers can use the intelligent application program to control the product. By gently pressing a button, you will be able to enjoy the clean indoor air.

Focus on technology development and energy management to make your life innovative, efficient and intelligent

In addition, among the products exhibited at this year’s event, the eye-catching ones also include Condens 9000i WM, Bosch’s first high-end flagship all-in-one wall-hung condensing boiler with a stratified water tank, and Condens 7100 W, the wall-hung condensing boiler sold very well in Germany and the UK. Bosch has perfectly demonstrated its cutting-edge energy control technology in the high-end condensing boiler products. These two leading products not only come with the WB5 aluminium-silicon alloy heat exchanger developed in-house by Bosch, which was granted a European patent, but also are equipped with the multifunctional controller CW400 and the intelligent controller Heatronic III developed in-house by Bosch. They can rely on efficient sensors and a multilayer intelligent analysis algorithm to provide a superb domestic hot water and heating experience for customers. Bosch’s own technology for controlling flames at a constant temperature ensures a higher thermal efficiency for the products, and can also automatically adjust water temperature at the outlet based on the difference between the actual indoor temperature and the set temperature. This not only makes your home more comfortable, but also increases the efficiency of the condensing boiler’s heating system, to substantially lower your gas bill, and to extend the boiler’s service life.

The products of Bosch Thermotechnology help to create a comfortable, thermostatic and healthy home environment for you

Mr. Zheng Dazhi, President of Bosch Thermotechnology Asia Pacific, said: “The CIIE provides a great platform for exhibitors to demonstrate the strength of their brands, and here companies from various countries can have a deep understanding of partners from China or other countries and regions across the world and pursue exchange and cooperation with them at different levels. This is a very valuable opportunity for Bosch Thermotechnology. We benefited a lot from last year’s CIIE. In the future, we will continue to actively support the CIIE, and hope to take advantage of this opportunity to further deepen our collaboration with Chinese partners across the HVAC industry in multiple aspects and share our innovation with them.”

The year 2019 is the 19th year for Bosch Thermotechnology in the China market. As an international supplier covering the entire HVAC market, Bosch Thermotechnology has been adhering to the “local-for-local” philosophy, to contribute to the ideal smart life at home for Chinese consumers on an ongoing basis. In the future, Bosch Thermotechnology will focus on launching more intelligent, more efficient and more environment-friendly products, and address the energy transformation and market upgrading that are already taking place with leading technologies, to share the new platforms arising from the development opportunities with Chinese companies, and to breathe new life into the Chinese economy.

Bosch Thermotechnology provides globally leading and environment-friendly equipment and solutions for customers including industrial/commercial hot water, steam and refrigeration systems as well as domestic hot water, air and comfortable environment systems. The company offers an entire range of HVAC products including floor standing boilers, gas-fired water heaters, domestic water heaters, solar heating systems, water/ground-source heat pumps, major commercial air conditioning units, industrial boiler systems, combined-heat-and-power systems, and waste heat recovery systems.

Bosch Thermotechnology is headquartered in Wetzlar and Stuttgart, Germany, and has over 20 factories in Europe, Africa, and Asia. In fiscal 2018, Bosch Thermotechnology recorded about 3.5 billion euros in sales (66 percent were from regions outside of Germany), and had about 14,200 employees.

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The Bosch Group is one of the leading providers of technologies and services in the world. In 2018, the Bosch Group recorded about 78.5 billion euros in sales, and had roughly 410,000 associates worldwide. Bosch operates in four business areas: Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Consumer Products, and Energy and Building Technologies. As a leading global provider of connected systems, Bosch leverages its expertise in sensor technologies, software and services as well as its own cloud platforms to provide innovative solutions for customers across the world in areas including smart home, smart city, connected transportation, and connected industry, and those solutions are really “Invented for life”. Bosch is doing business in almost every country of the world. Its long-term and healthy growth relies on ongoing innovation. In 2018, Bosch spent 6 billion euros on R&D globally, and had about 68,700 researchers in over 130 countries and regions. The Bosch Group entered China in 1909. It currently has 59 subsidiaries, 27 R&D centers, 38 production bases and roughly 60,000 employees in China. China is a country where Bosch has the largest number of employees worldwide outside of Germany. In 2018, Bosch invested RMB 7.8 billion in China with sales revenue up to RMB 112.6 billion, growing 2.5 percent year-over-year. China became the second-largest market for the Bosch Group in the world for the 4th consecutive year.

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