The Stunning New Bosch Premium Flagship Electric Water Heater Tronic 7500i Is Built for the Future

Intelligent and Beautiful


  • The breakthrough hyperboloid ultra-thin aesthetic design provides visual enjoyment in your bathroom
  • The innovative dual-core & dual-tank technology ensures efficient heating as well as healthy & intelligent showering
  • The extremely fast 99-second heating enables you to take a shower right away

Bosch Thermotechnology, a leading global supplier of energy efficient systems for room climate and hot water comfort, has launched the new dual-tank electric water heater Tronic 7500i, which is ultra-thin and beautiful, and can heat water in 99 seconds. The product has a designed capacity of 60 liters, and is positioned to be a premium flagship product. While inheriting Bosch’s minimalist design philosophy in appearance, the product has adopted the hyperboloid thin & beautiful design aesthetics for the first time, to create an extremely cool style for a modern home. Inside, it has creatively adopted the dual-core & dual-tank technology, to enable you to take a shower right away by being able to heat water in just 99 seconds. This is indeed a typical product that is both intelligent and beautiful.

An extremely beautiful product with a hyperboloid ultra-thin body
Tronic 7500i has an ultra-thin body with great heat-resistance and stability; the streamlined hyperboloid high-gloss front panel goes with the ergonomic interface inclination and the exquisite R-shaped groove; at panel junctions, Bosch’s exclusive “Shadow Gap” design is used, and the side panel is textured to demonstrate the user’s extraordinary aesthetic taste with details. In addition, the product’s exterior design has also pushed the conventional boundaries: there are no holes and no exposed bolts throughout the body, and the maintenance handle and water pipe (the anti-electric wall) are hidden too, to make it convenient for disassembling & maintenance, and to substantially improve the overall visual effect and demonstrate that a bathroom can also embrace the minimalist philosophy as well. The front side of the water heater carries on the design DNA of Bosch. With an embedded color TFT screen, a capacitive touch button, and an IMD operation panel that can be connected with Wi-Fi for remote control, this product enables you to enjoy comfortable hot water at a constant temperature immediately after you get home. The remaining amount of water can be displayed intelligently. The capacity is increased six times to allow multiple people to take a shower continuously. This is able to meet the need of a modern home for making everything at home intelligent.

Bosch electric water heater Tronic 7500i

The dual-core & dual-tank technology makes efficient & intelligent showering possible
Tronic 7500i adopts the dual-core & dual-tank technology. The 24-hour Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) is as low as 0.58, the heat preservation effect is great, and the hot water output rate is up to 93%, which is far higher than China’s national Level-1 Energy Efficiency Standard. The product also comes with the patented titanium electric heating tube and the lifetime maintenance-free magnesium anode rod, to increase the anti-scaling & anti-corrosion performance of the core heating element and provide 24-hour protection for the tanks, so as to ensure the water heater’s service life. The double-protection technology unique to Tronic 7500i, i.e. the three-pole power failure protection device + the anti-electric wall, in combination with the double-trip high-temperature limit switch can automatically cut off all the connections of the water heater with the power supply circuit when there is something wrong with the product itself or the external grounding system or when the temperature is above the high-temperature limit, to provide a 360-degree, 24×7 safety protection system and allow you to enjoy your shower time with the peace of mind.

The dual-core & dual-tank technology of Bosch electric water heater Tronic 7500i

The 99-second fast heating allows you to take a shower right away
Tronic 7500i has 3 heating modes for you to choose from:“Dual-tank Heating”, “Upper Tank Fast Heating”, and “Dual-tank Fast Heating”. The fastest heating speed is only 99 seconds, so that you don’t have to wait and can take a comfortable shower right away. In addition, Tronic 7500i has a built-in silver ion sterilizer, which can effectively kill multiple types of bacteria including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. Each week, the water within the tanks can also be automatically heated to 80°C for sterilization, to ensure that you can always enjoy the healthiest and purest showering experience.

Since its first vertical gas-fired water heater came into being in 1894, Bosch has been providing intelligent, modern, green and energy-efficient personalized solutions for customers in over 100 countries around the world by leveraging its advanced industrial design as well as Europe’s leading technical and service systems. In the future, Bosch will listen more to customers about what they need and strive to make life at home more comfortable for every family.

Bosch Thermotechnology provides globally leading and environment-friendly equipment and solutions for customers including industrial/commercial hot water, steam and refrigeration systems as well as domestic hot water, air and comfortable environment systems. The company offers an entire range of HVAC products including floor standing boilers, gas-fired water heaters, domestic water heaters, solar heating systems, water/ground-source heat pumps, major commercial air conditioning units, industrial boiler systems, combined-heat-and-power systems, and waste heat recovery systems.
Bosch Thermotechnology is headquartered in Wetzlar and Stuttgart, Germany, and has over 20 factories in Europe, Africa, and Asia. In fiscal 2018, Bosch Thermotechnology recorded about 3.5 billion euros in sales (66 percent were from regions outside of Germany), and had about 14,200 employees.
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The Bosch Group is one of the leading providers of technologies and services in the world. In 2018, the Bosch Group recorded about 78.5 billion euros in sales, and had roughly 410,000 associates worldwide. Bosch operates in four business areas: Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Consumer Products, and Energy and Building Technologies. As a leading global provider of connected systems, Bosch leverages its expertise in sensor technologies, software and services as well as its own cloud platforms to provide innovative solutions for customers across the world in areas including smart home, smart city, connected transportation, and connected industry, and those solutions are really “Invented for life”. Bosch is doing business in almost every country of the world. Its long-term and healthy growth relies on ongoing innovation. In 2018, Bosch spent 6 billion euros on R&D globally, and had about 68,700 researchers in over 130 countries and regions. The Bosch Group entered China in 1909. It currently has 59 subsidiaries, 27 R&D centers, 38 production bases and roughly 60,000 employees in China. China is a country where Bosch has the largest number of employees worldwide outside of Germany. In 2018, Bosch invested RMB 7.8 billion in China with sales revenue up to RMB 112.6 billion, growing 2.5 percent year-over-year. China became the second-largest market for the Bosch Group in the world for the 4th consecutive year.
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