The 2019 Summit of Premium Partners for Civil Heating Systems kicked off in Shanghai

Live a Smart and Quiet Life, Like A Bosch


  • Bosch created retail system together with premium distributors to improve channel management

  • Wall hung condensing boiler Condens 7100 W – the star product originally imported from Germany – was released
  • Bosch actively responded to market needs and kept breathing new life into the civil heating market

Shanghai—The 2019 Summit of Premium Partners for Civil Heating Systems with the theme of “Live a Smart and Quiet Life, Like A Bosch” kicked off on August 12, 2019 in Shanghai. Bosch and its premium partners got together at the headquarters building of Bosch Shanghai to discuss the latest needs of end-users for heating products and demonstrate that Bosch Thermotechnology attaches great importance to the retail channels and is confident and determined in building an agile retail system.


Differentiated from conventions, this conference adopted an interactive venue design in the form of a runway, to present a “relay race” style and demonstrate that all the parties run in a relay race towards the same goal and eventually achieve a great win-win vision. The attendees to the event highly recognized Bosch for applying many cutting-edge technologies in the civil heating industry on an ongoing basis, and praised Bosch’s effort to build a retail system as well as its strategy to obtain first-hand market information by directly interacting with small distributors and the results achieved in this regard. Bosch Thermotechnology and representatives of many retailers held in-depth discussions on hot topics such as the civil heating market, the sales channels, the products/technologies, and the after-sales services. Always committed to the goal of creating an excellent and agile retail system, Bosch Thermotechnology is able to get more accurate feedback and opinions from retailers of various levels more quickly and get closer to the needs of end-users now by better engaging with channel partners.




At this conference, Bosch also announced Condens 7100 W, a high-end wall hung condensing boiler imported from Germany, to fill a gap in the high-end market for wall hung boilers.

Good looking and efficient
One of the best selling models in Germany and the UK, the wall hung condensing boiler Condens 7100 W has a perfect one-piece body without any welding point built with the best German technologies in-house developed by Bosch and patented in Europe including the WB5 silicon-aluminium alloy heat exchanger and the ErP pump, which ensures that the product is durable.

The intelligent control system
The product also comes with Heatronic III, Bosch’s third-generation patented electronic heat control system. This technology has been around for 22 years since it was launched in 1997. Relying on efficient sensing and a multilayer intelligent analytical algorithm, it enables users to have a superb showering experience.

Ultra-quiet design
Condens 7100 W also specifically adopts a quiet design with a noise level during operations as low as 33dB. It supports the flexible installation of waterway components that enables users to easily and conveniently install and maintain the product.

The wall hung condensing boiler Condens 7100 W

As the leading global supplier of energy-efficient heating products and comfortable hot water solutions, Bosch always adheres to the “local for local” philosophy. Relying on its time-honored reputation for quality and the best German technologies, Bosch keeps innovating to meet the gradually upgrading needs of consumers. In the future, Bosch Thermotechnology will further enhance the communication and collaboration with various levels of retailers, actively respond to the needs in the local market, provide more products of a great quality for Chinese consumers, and perfectly fulfill the vision of “Invented for life”.

Bosch Thermotechnology provides globally leading and environment-friendly equipment and solutions for customers including industrial/commercial hot water, steam and refrigeration systems as well as domestic hot water, air and comfortable environment systems. The company offers an entire range of HVAC products including floor standing boilers, gas-fired water heaters, domestic water heaters, solar heating systems, water/ground-source heat pumps, major commercial air conditioning units, industrial boiler systems, combined-heat-and-power systems, and waste heat recovery systems.
Bosch Thermotechnology is headquartered in Wetzlar and Stuttgart, Germany, and has over 20 factories in Europe, Africa, and Asia. In fiscal 2018, Bosch Thermotechnology recorded about 3.5 billion euros in sales (66 percent were from regions outside of Germany), and had about 14,200 employees.

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The Bosch Group is one of the leading providers of technologies and services in the world. In 2018, the Bosch Group recorded about 78.5 billion euros in sales, and had roughly 410,000 associates worldwide. Bosch operates in four business areas: Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Consumer Products, and Energy and Building Technologies. As a leading global provider of connected systems, Bosch leverages its expertise in sensor technologies, software and services as well as its own cloud platforms to provide innovative solutions for customers across the world in areas including smart home, smart city, connected transportation, and connected industry, and those solutions are really “Invented for life”. Bosch is doing business in almost every country of the world. Its long-term and healthy growth relies on ongoing innovation. In 2018, Bosch spent 6 billion euros on R&D globally, and had about 68,700 researchers in over 130 countries and regions. The Bosch Group entered China in 1909. It currently has 59 subsidiaries, 27 R&D centers, 38 production bases and roughly 60,000 employees in China. China is a country where Bosch has the largest number of employees worldwide outside of Germany. In 2018, Bosch invested RMB 7.8 billion in China with sales revenue up to RMB 112.6 billion, growing 2.5 percent year-over-year. China became the second-largest market for the Bosch Group in the world for the 4th consecutive year.
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