• Condens 5000 W Condens 5000 W

    Condens 5000 W

    Maximum power, minimum space.

  • Uni Condens 6000 F-Condens Boilers Uni Condens 6000 F-Condens Boilers

    Uni Condens 6000 F-Condens Boilers

    A visually appealing solution
    When developing the Uni Condens 6000 F, we consciously paid attention not only to quality workmanshipon the inside, but also to an appealing exterior. The result is a combination of high technology and sophisticated design. And good things often come in small packages – in any case, the floor space required by the Uni Condens 6000 F is up to 30 % smaller than that of its predecessor. And the units are up to 20 % lighter, making installation easier. Furthermore, the Uni Condens 6000 F is supplied complete with full casing and insulation which also saves time and costs during installation.

    Well planned and customised
    With the Uni Condens 6000 F, you can plan according to the latest state of technology. Moreover, you can plan quickly in a way that meets all your needs. There are no minimum requirements for flow rate, operating temperature or burner output, allowing you to connect heating circuit flow and return without additional devices such as a flow limiter or shunt pump. Intelligent water routing using separate return connections creates the ideal conditions for optimal condensation – and thus for high levels of seasonal efficiency. For the Uni Condens 6000 F, this means that you can impress your customers with potential seasonal efficiency of up to 104 % with oil operation, or even as high as 110 % with gas operation.

  • Uni 7000F 超低氮铸铁低温热水锅炉 Uni 7000F 超低氮铸铁低温热水锅炉

    Uni 7000F 超低氮铸铁低温热水锅炉

    Either using oil, gas, or both are used interchangeably, the hot water with corresponding power can be produced.

    For any forms of construction, Bosch system technology can produce the heating equipment perfectly matched with them, better meet the needs of housing heating and domestic water heating.

    From the heating boiler to the burner, the control system to the radiator, the water storage heater to the abundant range of accessories, Bosch would not only be able to provide the complete set of heating equipment, but also the perfectly matched system technology.

    Self-driven heat flow technology: simplified structure, reduced costs.

    The use of special gray cast iron: application of triple-pass heating boiler design of the economic heat flowing patented technology: less energy consumption, low emissions of the harmful substances.