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    Unique heat exchanger technology from bosch-WB5 Condensate heat exchanger WB5 with larger size Al-Si-alloy material with high resistance of corrosion Produced in sandcasting procedure, therefore getting a homogeneous microstructure High efficiency because of big area of heat-exchange Opening in front of the heatcell,easy service is possible Automatic fan, proportional gas valve, full premix burner The […]

  • Condens 3000 W Condens 3000 W

    Condens 3000 W

    Bosch 6th generation heat exchanger-WB6: Well known, high efficiency Low risk of lime Material: AlSi Quiet air take Bosch 3rd generation control HIT3: Bosch technology, compitable with Bosch FX controller Solar compatiable Key lock (child protection) Extended service functions ( e.g. thermal disinfection ) and key pad navigation Weather depending controls for wall installation or […]