• Make an appointment

    Make an appointment

    Come to your door at the appointed time, introduce yourself, show your work permit, wear shoes, put the toolbox in place, and listen to the user’s opinions patiently

  • Fault diagnosis

    Fault diagnosis

    To accurately determine the cause of the failure and the parts to be replaced, if the product is over-insured, the user will be informed of the overinsured charges and show the charging standard, and obtain the user’s consent.

  • Troubleshooting


    According to the relevant information issued by the headquarters, the product breakdown can be quickly eliminated and repaired in the user’s home.

  • Test & Examination

    Test & Examination

    Guarantee that the product is repaired normally and there are no other hidden troubles besides repairing.

  • Guidance Use

    Guidance Use

    Patiently explain to users the basic use of common sense and maintenance common sense.

  • Site cleaning

    Site cleaning

    Return the product to its original position, clean the inside and outside of the product with a clean cloth, clean the floor and clean the maintenance tools.

  • Overinsurance charges

    Overinsurance charges

    Fees shall be paid strictly in accordance with the standards for presentation of fees,and issue receipt.If the user requests an invoice, the invoice must be given to the user.

  • Confirm assessment

    Confirm assessment

    Fill in the details of the maintenance record sheet, let users evaluate the maintenance quality and service attitude of the product, and sign it.

  • Call visit

    Call visit

    Take the initiative to return to users, understand the inadequacies of services and other needs of users, and answer users’questions about product functions, operation and use by telephone.