Wall-Hung Boilers

The temperature is low in winter. If the wall-hanging boilers is shut down for a long time, it may freeze out. In order to avoid freezing damage of wall-hanging furnace, it is suggested to set up anti-freezing mode according to the product instructions, and to ensure that all valves of wall-hanging furnace are open for electricity, gas and heating system. Anti-freezing mode can only ensure that the wall-mounted stove is not frozen, if you want to ensure that the heating system is not frozen, you can not simply rely on anti-freezing mode, you need to ask a professional system master to operate.

1. Open the kitchen and the shower tap at the same time to see if there is hot water.
2. If hot water starts, clean kitchen faucet and flower filter.
3. If hot water still does not start, we need to contact the national after-sales service hotline 4008206017 for repair.

1.Confirm that the heating function is launched
2. Check whether the main line valve (floor heating outlet pipe/return pipe valve) and the water separator are open;
3. Determine whether the thermostat and circulating water pump are installed in the room. If there is any installation, it needs to be opened;
4. If all the above three conditions are open, whether all rooms can not be heated, if it is, you need to contact the national after-sales service hotline 4008206017 for repair; if it is not, you need to contact the floor heating company to check the pipeline problem;

After a period of operation of the wall-hung boiler, high-temperature flame, dust and water quality may affect the working conditions of the wall-hung boiler, resulting in reduced operational economy. For example, internal scale may affect the heat exchange effect, resulting in increased operating costs. Maintenance can improve the heat exchange efficiency, reduce gas consumption, operate more economically, extend the service life of wall-hung boilers, and reduce safety hazards. Therefore, we recommend that customers pay regular maintenance every year.

1. Summer mode: Domestic hot water will be using while heating function is closed
2. Economic mode: Under the economic mode, the boiler will not be forced to preheat, and the machine will start the burning program when hot water is used;
3. Comfort mode: Only in the summer mode, the comfort mode can operate normally; after the comfort mode is turned on, the boiler will be preheated to the set temperature at regular intervals to ensure that the hot water need is quickly met;
4. Antifreeze mode: When the temperature in the boiler room (heating and heating water temperature sensor) drops below 5 °C, the equipment antifreeze protection function must be launched to turn on the burner and the heating pump to prevent the heater from freezing;
Which function mode and adjustment method is available for the specific model is subject to the instruction manual.